Before you get to your login below, I have an update on how we are going to support Doc Love Club Members going forward – I promise you that I will keep Doc’s legacy alive and well and will continue to produce the best possible show and content for you weekly.  In fact, I have segments – TIMELESS SEGMENTS – from Doc that were never a part of the redesigned Club so you will get a fresh show weekly.

Doc would LOVE your support because he LOVED you and I promise you I will do my best to honor the great legacy he left all of us but I will need your support and continued membership to do so.  THANK YOU – DOC LOVE CLUB MEMBERS WE LOVE YA!

-Jeff Stevens (oh, if you aren’t getting the weekly emails from the Club let me know ASAP at jeffmstevensdatingtipsforguys@gmail.com and I’ll add you)

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